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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT AND E-BOOK: PW/BookLife Calls BUTCHERTOWN a "Sexy, Non-Stop Thrill Ride!"

One Bad Weekend in One Bad Town . . . .

"A darkly fascinating novel. Butchertown is incendiary”— David Corbett, award-winning author of Mercy of the Night.

Oakland, CA--05/6/2017 Paul Bacon, Jazz-Age ladies’ man and junior city attorney, has come to California for the sunshine and sandy beaches. But all he’s found is loneliness and misery in the fog-choked canyons of San Francisco.

Then one night, Paul meets Molly mysterious, alluring Carver. And before Paul can reign in his passion, she’s lured him across the bay to her hometown of Evansville, promising a romantic escapade in the California promised by the travel brochures.

But Molly’s promise is only camouflage for a dangerous game. Evansville is no paradise but a whirling sewer of sin and pollution; a wilderness of slaughterhouses, factories, and oil refineries; of speakeasies, brothels, and gambling dens even gamier than San Francisco. 

They don't call it "Butchertown" for nothing.

Before he knows it, Paul is caught in the crossfire of a gang war over Butchertown’s teeming vice rackets. As bullets fly and bodies pile up, Paul is forced to take the role of diplomat between the warring factions. If he wants to get out alive, he’d better find a way make peace.

Whatever happens, for Paul Bacon it's going to be one bad weekend in one bad town--Butchertown.

“Burchfield rounds up a great cast of gangsters and gunsels to bat his wide-eyed hero around. For the movie, you'd have to bring Lee Van Cleef back from the dead to do justice to the villainy.”--Don Herron, author of The Literary World of San Francisco and its Environs and The Dashiell Hammett Tour.

Set at the dawn of Prohibition, Butchertown is a colorful, bullet-packed tale of scheming bootleggers, trigger-happy gunmen, devious molls, and a pair of passionate Prohibitionists—one of them an old flame of Paul’s—raging to mold an unwilling world to their unbending ideals.

"A sexy, violent non-stop thrill ride deep into the seedy underbelly of post-World War I San Francisco."-- Reviewer, the BookLife Prize, sponsored by Publishers Weekly.

From the prize-winning pen of the author of Dragon'sArk, Butchertown is also the story of a soft-boiled guy trapped in a hard-boiled world; of a callow but decent man’s efforts to broker a sensible peace out of an insensible situation; and how he comes to wonder if the new world of the twentieth century is one that human beings can live in.

“Thomas Burchfield is an awesomely twisted talent. . . .You won't be able to turn the pages fast enough to see what happens.”

--John-Ivan Palmer, author of Motels of Burning Madness


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