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Friday, September 16, 2016

"Dracula: Endless Night", New E-Book from Ambler House Publishing


Oakland, CA: 10/7/16

Call him Dracula.

Conqueror by moonlight, bringer of storms, a supernatural terrorist rampaging through our dream world, Dracula has haunted the souls of readers and moviegoers for over a century, a monster for all seasons. Now, in a new adaptation originally conjured for the screen, the King of the Vampires becomes an avatar of untrammeled freedom and absolute supernatural power: a Superman of Evil.

“I’ve always loved Dracula, from the moment I saw Bela Lugosi march down that staircase with such power and authority” says the treatment’s author, Thomas Burchfield. “The other kids in class all wanted to be Superman. Not me! I wanted to be Dracula! Not in the sexual aspects, but that promise of absolute freedom, that sense of pure willpower. To me Dracula was a guy who got to stay up all night and do whatever he wanted—to whomever he wanted—with no rules or constraints at all, every atom of the universe within his grasp. Of course, I grew up into a reasonably mature and responsible adult, but still, his shadow lingers at the edge of my mind.

“I always found the film versions of Stoker’s novel to be unsatisfying in one way or another,” Burchfield continues. “They never quite matched the movie playing inside my skull, whether due to budget problems or just a dearth of imagination. I kept waiting for someone to see it the way I saw it—it’s so obvious to me—as a tale about sociopathic power. Finally, I realized I’d have to write it myself. The circumstances that inspired Bram Stoker have changed since his day. To me, Dracula remains a strong man fantasy, a symbol of this age of bin Laden, Putin and, dare I say it, Donald Trump.

“It is a very seductive and, I daresay, immoral and dangerous notion for the rest of us. My version will be by no means the last, but I think it captures Dracula’s deadly magic as it scares the hell out of readers. Originally written as a screenplay, I’ve recast it in straight narrative prose to make it an easier, more appealing, reading experience.”

Closely following Bram Stoker’s classic novel, but spinning its own dark magic, Dracula: Endless Night follows Dracula’s ruthless quest for blood and power, stretching from the wilds of central Europe to the storm-haunted coastline of Victorian England. Arrayed against him are a band of flawed souls who, while locked in desperate battle with the Vampire King, struggle with their own sins and temptations as they see themselves reflected in his monstrous visage.

Will they end Dracula’s reign of terror? Or will they become his cattle, forever imprisoned in an evil dream world? Thomas Burchfield, the author of Dragon’s Ark, returns with another ripping look at one of the great myths of human civilization in a version that takes us into Dracula’s heart of darkness, into its endless night.

Thomas Burchfield was born in Peekskill, New York, and has been a San Francisco Bay Area resident for the last thirty years. His contemporary Dracula novel, Dragon’s Ark, won three awards in 2012, including Bronze Medal for Best Horror Novel (Independent Book Publishers Association); Best Horror Novel from the National Indie Excellence Awards; and runner up at the Halloween Bookfest.  He has also published four screenplays he wrote in the 1990s as e-books: Whackers, The Uglies: A Crime Saga, Now Speaks the Devil and Dracula: Endless Night. He blogs frequently on books and movies at his web page “A Curious Man.”  His latest novel, Butchertown, a Roaring Twenties gangster tale, will be out later in 2016.

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