Photo by Thomas Burchfield; wood sculpture by John Radostain

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


An Original Screenplay by
Thomas Burchfield 

Some men are so blind, only Evil can make them see.

Chip Adams is a child in middle-age. He lives in a sheltered neighborhood in a San Francisco suburb in the house where he was born, a museum of childhood memories he shares with his adoring family. An amateur magician, he still has every toy he’s ever owned. Why grow up?

But an adulthood deferred comes with a price: Chip's little boy is recovering from a serious illness. With his toy and magic shop failing, Chip has mortgaged his house to keep it afloat. His little church is also going under.  His wife, Ruth, offers to work. But even that small compromise would signal the end of the values that Chip holds dear. He believes in magic, believes that prayer is all he needs to keep him and his world forever unchanged.

Then, one night, like one of Chip's magic tricks, two million dollars in cash appears in his garbage can.

A gift from God, the defeat of the inevitable? Or something else? Something worse . . . .

Like a gift from the Devil, in the guise of Thornton--
underworld troubleshooter, enforcer and assassin of blazing cold malice, reptilian cunning and a piercing eye for human frailty—a villain among villains.

An exhilarating blend of Alfred Hitchcock’s devious wit with the sharp eye of Richard Stark and the strutting villainy of a Sergio Leone movie, Now Speaks the Devil is a comic noir that will pull you to the edge of your seat. With the third in his series of original screenplays, Thomas Burchfield, the author of Dragon’s Ark and The Uglies, has conjured another wicked thriller.

Now Speaks the Devil is now available exclusively in e-book editions at Amazon and all other major e-book retailers!

You can read Burchfield's essay on how he came to write his latest work here!

For more information, contact the author at; or Ambler House Publishing at

Cover by Cathi Stevenson/Bookcover Express. 

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